The music of today is fast changing and with everyone’s tastes being different — I will do my very best to have a great selection.

I want to work with everyone that is planning the event so that we make sure we have your favorite song. However over the years, I have learned one thing: You CAN over think the music list. I definitely like to get a list of 10 songs that you like, just to get an idea — however a list of 60 songs just doesn’t make sense. Even 30 songs makes it difficult.

I want to do the job that you hired me to do. GET PEOPLE TO DANCE. I have had all kinds of extremes from picking every song from the start to the end, calling me on the way to the dance to give me ONE song that is wanted and the rest is up to me!

Details are great. A specific list nearly impossible!

Remember…if you have a favorite song…like Ozzy Ozborne’s “Crazy Train” but you won’t dance to it… NO ONE WILL! If you want me to do the job you hired me to do…hire me…give me your top ten and put me to work. I want you and your family and friends to have a great night. I promise! People sometimes come up when no one is dancing and say “Easy night for you huh?” NO! Its MUCH easier if everyone is dancing…and that is what I will strive for!


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Chris Benno