How much do you charge?  Depends on if its in Minot or out of town.

Are you available for my date?  See the Calendar to check your date availability or hit the contact button to get ahold of me.

What all comes with hiring Porta Party DJ?  I’m your host from as early as 5pm till 12:30am. Yes, I am even ordained to legally marry you! So from Service to dinner to dancing to introducing you and your wedding party in a FUN way to the room…till the last song of the evening at 12:30. I’m your guy.

We are on a tight budget. Can I hire you as our DJ but not have the photobooth to save money?  For the most part. No. You can decide not to have the photobooth at your event, however it doesn't save you any money. I am a one man show and am very busy. As fun as this is. Its a job too. I get booked out a year and a half in advance (see my calendar!). June-December, are the most popular months. However if you are looking for a wedding or a Christmas party in January...I've been known to work something out. Never hurts to ask! 


So many questions can be asked.


First off I want you to check out my Facebook wall. See the “Recommendations” and take my previous Bride and Grooms word for it. That is my proudest form of advertising. I’m here to show you a good time and create lasting memories for you and your family and friends.


Second. How do we prepare for your wedding reception? After 15 years of doing this... I learned that having a meeting with the bride and groom the week of the wedding is a fantastic way to make the night even better. This has allowed me to get to know you both and prepare for your dance. Its a 90 minute meeting on average! This is usually at a local bar or restaurant.  You get to know my goofy personality and I get to know if you are as goofy as me or bit more reserved. Either way…I can adjust to fit how you want me to entertain you and your guests on your wedding night.


Overall. I hope that you see my attention to detail helps make your night one you’ll never forget. Let’s be honest. My job is fun! Isn’t that what you want more than anything? To have a fun, memorable reception? Well. I’m your man. I’m also a professional with a ton of experience doing weddings. You can trust that I’ve seen most everything and I’ve been asked to do everything. But the bottom line is…lets have FUN!


I look forward to working with you. Hit the contact button and let’s get this thing done.


Chris Benno